Trial Presentation

Going to trial? What better way than to rely on Atlantic to provide you with experienced in-trial support! We have all the necessary hardware, software, and personnel to make your next day in court a success.



  • ~ Experienced Trial Specialists

  • ~ Courtroom A/V Consulting / SupportTD1

  • ~ Video/Audiotape Conversion

  • ~ Video/Text Synchronization

  • ~ Graphic Design

  • ~ Exhibit Imaging

  • ~ PowerPoint Presentations

  • ~ Color Trial Boards

  • ~ Time-Line Generation



Presentation is everything! Present to the jury in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow fashion, and you’ll have a higher rate of success… and impression on the jury. Don’t fumble with foam boards, easels, cumbersome data charts, or video tapes.  Atlantic will seamlessly integrate all of your documents, exhibits, video depositions, etc., into one cohesive, flowing presentation.

Compare/view up to four separate items on-screen simultaneously for maximum impact and effectiveness. And don’t worry about size — we have screens ranging all the way up to a massive 85″, ensuring that those close-ups of key images, signatures, documents and photos come up full-screen and with unparalleled clarity!